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Abaout Siquirres

Siquirres is the third canton of Limon province and was created by Law No. 11 of 29 September 1911. It is the epicenter of the province of Limon and their lands are low, its average temperature is around 29 ° C . It is a largely agricultural county and its main activity is the production of banana and pineapple. It is connected by road to the rest of the province and the country. In recent years, tourism has become important to visit the rapids of the Pacuare and Reventazon rivers. It has a land area of 860.19 square kilometers. The name of the canton is derived from the Indian word, meaning reddish colored.

At the foot of a spur of the Talamanca Mountain Range, precisely where the great plain of the Atlantic or Caribbean begins, the town was formed through the work of the railway. The point chosen is within walking distance of the Reventazón river, a formidable challenge for the workers of the railroad company. Precisely at this point the most difficult part of the project begins, in finding the most appropriate way to Turrialba, Cartago, and San José, at the side of the river, which caused enormous difficulties. But over the years the company managed to overcome the difficulties and extended the route along the Reventazon.

Siquirres became populatet thanks to the railroad, and then because of the banana farms and - as in the 1930s and 1940s - the cacao that replaced the banana.

The population is made up in important parts of Jamaican blacks and descendants of emigrants from the center of the country. The rivers are frequent in the cantón of Siquirres and the Reventazón and Pacuare rivers stand out. If the visitor take any of these rivers you can easily reach the lagoons of Tortuguero, with a natural setting of extraordinary beauty. The weather is warm, sometimes suffocating, especially in the summer months. Temperatures of 28 to 30 degrees Centigrade and more.

Siquirres-San José: 96 km. The road built through the Braulio Carrillo National Park (Route 32) allows tourists to enjoy the landscape of humid tropics during a course of about an hour. Arriving in Siquirres lodging, restaurant services as well as other attractions are available.

The canton of Siquirres is divided into six districts:
1. Siquirres (Ciudad), Latitud 10°05'01"N, Longitud 83°30'28"O, elevación 62 msnm. Barrios: Palmiras, María Auxiliadora, La Guaria, Brooklin, San Rafael, San Martín, Triunfo, Miraflores, El Invu, Siquirritos, Betania Poblados: Alto Guayacán, Amelia, Amistad, Bajo Tigre, Barnstorf, Betania, Boca Pacuare, Boca Parismina, Calvario, Calle Tajo, Canadá, Caño Blanco, Carmen, Celina, El Coco, El cocal, Dos Bocas, Encanto (norte), Encanto (sur), Ganga, Imperio, Indiana Dos, Indiana Tres, Indiana Uno, Islona, Lindavista, Livingston, Lucha, Milla 52, Moravia, Morazán, Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Virginia, San Alberto Nuevo, San Alberto Viejo, San Alejo, San Joaquín, Santo Domingo, Tobias Vaglio.
2. Pacuarito (Villa), Latitud 10°06'12"N, Longitud 83°28'06"O, elevación 30 msnm. Poblados: Alto Mirador, Altos de Pacuarito, Buenos Aires, Cimarrones, Culpeper, Cultivez, Freehold, Galicia, Isla Nueva, Leona, Madre de Dios, Manila, Monteverde, Perla, Perlita, Río Hondo, San Carlos, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Ten Switch, Trinidad, Waldeck.
3. Florida (Villa), Latitud 10°05'22"N, Longitud 83°34'21"O, elevación 160 msnm. Barrio: El Alto. Poblados: Alto Gracias a Dios, Alto Laurelar, Altos de Pascua, Bonilla Abajo, Casorla, Chonta, Destierro, Fourth Cliff, Huecos, Lomas, Llano, Pascua, Río Peje, Roca, Rubí, San Antonio, Túnel Camp.
4. Germania (Villa), Latitud 10°09'00"N, Longitud 83°04'18"O, elevación 106 msnm. Barrios: América, Babilonia. Poblados: Cacao, Colombiana, Herediana, Milano, Trinidad, Williamsburg.
5. Cairo (Villa), Latitud 10°07'32"N, Longitud 83°32'25"O, elevación 99 msnm. Barrio: Francia. Poblados: Ana, Bellavista, Boca Río Jiménez, Castilla, Cocal, Golden Grove, Josefina, Junta, Luisiana, Milla 3, Milla 4, Milla 5, Milla 6, Ontario, Peje, Seis Amigos, Silencio.
6. Alegría (Villa), Latitud 10°05'23"N, Longitud 83°36'12"O, Elevación 420 msnm. Poblados: Alto Herediana, Portón Iberia, Río Peje, Vueltas. Hojas del mapa básico, 1:50.000 (IGN): Barbilla, Bonilla, Guácimo, Matina, Parismina, Tortuguero.

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